Offering High-Quality Hosting

ISODME offers high-quality web hosting. Fast servers with blazing speeds in our own Massachusetts tier 2 data center allows us to have direct control over networking, hardware, etc., allowing us to implement new technologies faster.

Our servers frequently operate at nearly 100% uptime. They are maintained in a cooled dry environment, and they utilize RAID 10 to offer superior redundancy and speed.

Ease And Affordability For All

We saw how large companies gobbled up good small hosting companies. They hiked up prices, fired support personnel, and crammed more people onto the same servers, slowing all hosted websites. Today's small hosting companies that do offer good support and features are extremely overpriced due to a reliance on upstream service providers.

Our prices are affordable, yet we still provide quality hosting.

Help The World, Profitably

Our scalable low cost structure with our own data center lets us cheaply power tens of thousands of websites. We recently began free hosting plans to allow customers to learn programming and experiment with software to create small websites free of charge.

We are a profitable company trying to help the world by offering superior services at cheaper costs.

Management Team

Learn about our team!

Jonathan Founder and General Manager

Jonathan founded ISODME. He has experience working with nearly 10 different programming languages. He has been featured on the show, "Did I Mention Invention?" He has also placed well in some of the most prestigious programming and business programs. He brings years of experience creating and marketing projects to the table.


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Eli VP of Marketing

Eli is our VP of Marketing. His passion for design started young. He is in charge of our social media outlets, media design, and targeted outreach. When you see an ISODME advertisement, Eli created or helped to create it!

Owen VP of Customer Fulfillment

Owen is our VP of Customer Fulfillment. He has valuable experience teaching tens of students at a computer science academy. His communication skills allow him to help efficiently customers.


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Our Technologies

We use technologies from many reputable companies. These include the following:

FraudLabs Pro
Apache Logo